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How to get started with KNX in 4 steps

May 18, 2018     Learn

How to get started with KNX  in 4 steps

Follow these 4 steps and you will be well on your way to become a successful KNX professional.

1. Get a basic understanding of KNX and ETS 5

Subscribe to our free article series about KNX programming to get the basic knowledge of KNX and ETS 5 for free. In this article you will find all the information to get started with KNX!

2. Install the ETS 5 software

There is no KNX system without any prior commissioning via ETS 5 software. Follow the free KNX eCampus training and get your free ETS 5 Lite license. The KNX ETS5 eCampus is a web based training that helps you to get started with the basic concepts of the KNX bus, even if you are not familiar with this technology so far. Moreover, you will learn how to setup and work with the brand new ETS5. You get a ETS lite licence for free if you pass the test with 85%.

3. Get some KNX devices

Trying to learn KNX without any device will not work. Having a device in your hand gives you the chance to practice best. Get at least the following KNX devices:

  • 1 x power supply (640mA, so that it can be reused in your first project)
  • 1x switching actuator (8-fold, same reason)
  • 1x touch sensor of your choice
  • 1x KNX-USB interface

If you want to start small you can get the smallest devices available to you (320mA power supply, 4-fold switching actuator).

4. Follow a structured learning process

We recommend that you start with a KNX course that introduces you into every aspect of KNX in a structured way. Although there are various offline courses, we recommend our ebook “The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming”. More than 1,000 professionals already got trained with our course and it is one of the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to learn KNX in a systematic way, avoiding all those beginners’ mistakes and traps that happen throughout a learning process.

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