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Advantages of KNX Smart Home Systems

19 oct. 2019     Inspire

Advantages of KNX Smart Home Systems

As home automation systems become more affordable and accessible, we begin to see more smart homes around; which makes life more convenient by providing a bunch of innovative advantages.

When we first talk about advantages of smart home systems, we think about being able to control lighting, temperature, door locks, and appliances - all of this increasing our comfort. But actually, there is more than that!


The very first advantage of a smart home is security. Smart homes include cameras, motion and presence sensors and may even include identification systems that can be accessed from anywhere with a single tick on your couch. Smart home systems can also give alarm when an unusual or dangerous situation is encountered which in turn makes you feel safe and secure. With the development of such systems, you can keep an eye on your kids, your pets or just on your home when you are not at home. You can lock your doors or check your home through your phone. This must be costly, one may say but stay tuned, smart home systems even save you money!

Energy efficiency

Another advantage of smart home systems is that they actually provide an efficient consumption of energy by automatically turning off the lights, alarming when you left your window open, automatically adjusting the room temperature and positioning blinds in order to maximize sunlight. All this saves you money in the long run, trim your bills and decrease operational costs of your home and your building.

Time savings

In such a fast-paced world, time is also one of the most important resource that no one wants to waste. Smart home systems save you time: instead of manually doing all these kinds of stuff, you can just set the system up so that all of this happens automatically without any manual intervention at all.

Overall, home automation systems are no longer a niche application nor some experimental innovation. Today, it is a requirement of the rapidly developing modern world and saves you time, money and provides you an excellent security while increasing your life quality. All of this is done in such a convenient way that the only thing left is enjoying your free time without thinking anything about your home. Your home is much better off with a single automation which can do anything for you, and you can save your money for making your life more enjoyable and easier!

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