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Which ETS version is right for you?

8 feb. 2020     Learn

Which ETS version is right for you?

In order to select the version that is right for you, we will provide some guidance below.

Which ETS versions exists?

  • Demo – free 
With the free version up to five devices can be used. A device (which occupies a physical address) is to be understood as a product. An actuator with eight channels counts as one device in this case.
  • Lite – €200[1] 
With the Lite version you can work on small to medium projects with up to 20 devices. Again, the restriction refers to the components used, not to the number of channels.
  • Professional – €1,000 
ETS 5 Professional is the unlimited version for all project sizes and with full functionality. It allows flexible commissioning of all kinds of systems, from single-family homes to large office, hotel or industrial complexes.
By using a structured group address application, you always keep an overview, even in large systems. In our ebook The ultimate Guide to KNX Programming you will find detailed material and step-by-step instructions so that you always make the right choice.
  • Inside – €160 
ETS Inside is the “end user version” of ETS and is generally compatible with any existing or new KNX installation. The ETS Inside can manage one project with a maximum of 255 devices and is therefore ideal for small installations. Its special interface allows the end user to make slight changes to the configuration without special knowledge. 
However, there are currently still a few disadvantages:
    • Not all KNX products can be configured via ETS Inside. This is because not all applications are available in the online catalogue, as some manufacturers unfortunately do not always list all their (old) products here. Therefore, before buying the products, the availability in the online catalogue must be checked.
    • Only one line can be set up in ETS Inside. This can be avoided by using (the demo version of) ETS Professional, but it complicates the setup of a project and is not easy, especially for beginners.

Which ETS version is right for you?

  • The professional uses the professional version. Even if this version requires a certain investment, we believe the money is well invested and quickly earned back.
  • The ambitious end user is well advised with the professional version. Our experience shows that even many single-family homes have more than 20 devices installed, so the Lite version is not suitable. Furthermore, the professional version allows you to precisely control all settings and parameters of your house, so that you retain full control.
  • The Lite version can be used for smaller apartments and family homes with a reduced number of KNX trades. For example, if you only want to control the shading (roller shutters or external blinds) with an additional weather station via KNX, the limit of 20 devices will probably suffice. Otherwise, you have the full range of functions here as well.

If you exceed the 20 devices of the Lite version, you can split your house into two projects and avoid the limitations of the Lite version. However, you have to ensure that the group addresses match each other otherwise error handling becomes more difficult.

  • In our opinion, ETS Inside is a supplement to ETS 5 Professional. An initial commissioning of a KNX system is carried out by a professional and the end user can then implement minor changes independently via ETS Inside. If all applications are available in the ETS Inside online shop, ETS Inside can be a good and cost-effective alternative for small projects.
In our experience, many ambitious home builders like to be flexible, and eventually choose ETS Professional. Therefore, we advise you to consider using ETS Professional from the beginning.

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