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KNX devices for getting started with KNX

25 ene. 2020     Learn

KNX devices for getting started with KNX

To learn KNX, you need some basic equipment. This consists of:

  • Computer
: A normal computer or laptop with Windows 10 and internet connection is sufficient. The ETS 5 software is not demanding and the KNX Association recommends a CPU with 2GHz, 4MB RAM and 20GB free hard disk space.
  • ETS 5 
The ETS software is published by the KNX Association in Brussels and is currently available in version 5. As this software is a basic requirement you cannot do anything without the ETS.
  • KNX components 
You cannot learn KNX without proper devices. You should therefore obtain the following KNX devices as a minimum:
    • 1x power supply (640mA – you can install this later in your first project)
    • 1x switching actuator (8-fold – same reason)
    • 1x touch sensor of your choice
    • 1x KNX USB interface
    • some bus cable and bus terminals.

    If you want to start small, just use the smallest available devices (320mA power supply and 4-fold switching actuator).

  • KNX course 
We do not recommend “getting started” without prior knowledge as it would only lead to dissatisfaction and frustration. A KNX course is, so to speak, mandatory if you are really serious about getting into the wonderful world of KNX. 
There are numerous course providers that are easy to find via Google.

For those who want to save travel expenses, course costs and downtime, we offer the ebook The ultimate Guide to KNX Programming. This course provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to structure, plan, implement and programme a project. Many practical tips complement this manual and the course is a good reference book for all those who do not deal with the subject matter on a daily basis.

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