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Contents - Chapter overview

The course covers the following content.

KNX basics

General introduction to KNX, KNX topologies in detail with pictures and overview diagrams, typical topologies for single-family homes.


Presentation of ETS with all functionalities, from licensing to connection with the KNX bus, including a first test installation.

The ultimate project guide

Step-by-step creation of a complete project, from planning and commissioning to programming, including group address structures

Practical solutions

A reference guide to the most common practical solutions from the field, enabling you to quickly and easily replicate them.

Heating control

Introduction and examples of heating control using KNX, with additional details for HVAC installers.

Bonus material

In addition to the course, receive numerous supplements that facilitate daily work with KNX and the ETS.

Customer feedback

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There is no other guide for KNX beginners like this on the market—other books assume much more prior knowledge. Anyone who has never worked with KNX before will find your course to be exactly what they need.

Markus Jörger

Electrician, Elektro Jörger

I read your KNX Tutorial with great enthusiasm; it's a very good resource, perfect for training and implementation. I also greatly appreciate your prompt support in answering questions. I am completely satisfied!

Detlef Hohmann

Building owner

I actually wanted to buy your book to support a KNX course. After several KNX projects, I still haven't attended a course!!!!! Your book has helped us a lot and I can only recommend it.

Svend Glittenberg

Fa. Rudolf Glittenberg

I'm a homeowner building a single-family house and was an absolute KNX novice. I programmed my house myself using the excellently described instructions. Amazingly, it worked perfectly right from the start.

André Knorr

Building owner

I've been using your course for years and am completely satisfied. Thanks to your book, I was able to program my home automation system myself and saved a lot of money. Thank you!

Roger Panier

Building owner

About the course

A unique course - packed with information as well as tips and tricks from practical experience.






2nd edition


Bonus material

About us

Who we are and what we do

Christian Szczensny.
Christian Szczensny

Author and publisher

Although Christian already had contact with KNX through his work at Voltimum, his great passion for it was only awakened when he built his own house. As a customer of Eibmeier, he learnt KNX from the practitioner and has now planned and implemented several houses with KNX systems.

Manfred Meier.
Manfred Meier

Author and KNX planner

Manfred is a self-employed electrician and certified KNX partner and gained his first EIB/KNX experience back in 1995. Due to his specialisation in EIB/KNX, he became a sought-after specialist and published his accumulated expert knowledge in the ETS3 quick course as early as 2004.


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  • Chapter 1 - KNX Basics
  • Chapter 2 - The ETS
  • Chapter 3 - The ultimate project guide
  • Chapter 4 - Solutions
  • Chapter 5 - Heating control
  • Complete bonus material
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Frequently asked questions

  • Absolutely! This course is designed to teach absolute beginners about KNX and ETS. Chapter 1 provides you with basic KNX knowledge. Additionally, we offer a step-by-step guide (Chapter 3) that covers all the necessary steps from project planning to commissioning and handover. This allows you not only to plan your construction project better but also often saves a lot of time (and money) as you can avoid unnecessary steps and build on our over 30 years of practical KNX experience. For experienced KNX users who do not work with ETS daily, our course often serves as a reference guide, ensuring that KNX projects are consistently successful. Even future KNX system integrators have learned KNX through our course and successfully passed the relevant exams. According to one of our reviewers, this quick course is 'essential reading for any aspiring builder who wants to be involved in electrical planning from the start and maintain the KNX installation later. It is also a successful reference work for electricians who do not deal with KNX projects every day, want to switch to ETS 6, or need to reacquaint themselves with the subject.'
  • Our KNX Tutorial is primarily structured as a book, which we distribute in PDF format. Additionally, there are numerous supplements that vividly extend the book's content or can be practically used as a planning tool. The course is not designed to be worked through linearly; rather, the approach depends on the progress of both learning and construction. Chapters 1 and 5 serve as preparation, providing basic knowledge and planning phases. Chapters 2 and 3 are crucial for the implementation and programming phases. Chapter 4, which includes ready-made solutions, is consulted as needed.
  • In our course, we have compiled everything necessary about KNX and ETS to structure and efficiently implement a KNX project. This enables all KNX enthusiasts to get started in a very short time and set up the right structures from the beginning without much trial and error. This saves a significant amount of time, money, and stress during the project, and especially in the subsequent maintenance and care. For the price of just 4-5 skilled labor hours, you receive the condensed knowledge of over 30 years of practical KNX experience. This investment often pays for itself during the planning phase.
  • As we are 100% convinced of our course, we grant you a 30-day right of return. In this case, simply reply to your order confirmation within this period and we will credit you the purchase price.
  • The course is structured as a step-by-step guide for beginners. If you still have questions during the course or later, you can contact the KNX User Forum (http://www.knx-user-forum.de). There you will also find a special sub-forum of our course.
  • The topic of group addresses is particularly important. If you want to successfully plan and implement a KNX project, the structured creation of group addresses is one of the essential basic requirements. In addition to a professional structure, we explain everything you need to know about listening and sending group addresses and feedback addresses. We will also show you why the KNX system simply won't listen to some group addresses and much more. This course is designed for beginners and we explain it in such a way that you will be able to realise your first KNX project afterwards.
  • We offer the most common payment methods: Paypal, credit card, instant bank transfer and Giropay. You will receive the course materials immediately after receipt of payment, i.e. immediately when using the relevant payment methods such as PayPal or credit card.
  • KNX certification allows you to use the KNX Partner logo in your own marketing measures (e.g. stationery, car). In addition, you will be listed as an official partner of the KNX Association (knx.org). These two advantages are reasons for many of our customers to become certified. The content of the course is aligned with the KNX basic course and the corresponding certification. The quick course is therefore an ideal preparation for a certification seminar. However, certification is not a prerequisite for being allowed to realise KNX projects. We therefore recommend everyone to gain practical experience in projects as quickly as possible.
  • There is a 'Feedback' button at the bottom right of our website. You can use this to send us a message.
  • In our course, we show you how to organise a KNX project in a structured way so that the basic number of errors is reduced. In the event of an error, we will provide you with a procedure including a checklist that you can use to localise errors in a structured manner.
  • If you have already worked with ETS 4 or ETS 5, you can continue to edit your old projects with ETS 6 without any problems. You can import your existing projects into ETS 6 and manage or edit them there without any problems.

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KNX Tutorial.

The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming is one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest ways to learn KNX and ETS. It has been written for both beginners and advanced users and offers a complete introduction to KNX and ETS, a complete project guide and many ready-to-implement solutions.

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