KNX and ETS Tutorial
The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming

This ebook provides one of the fastest and easiest ways to learn KNX and ETS 5. For Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Users.

The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming

What is this ebook about?

Whether you are an electrician who wants to add the installation of KNX systems to his portfolio of services and increase revenues in this way or a home builder looking to install a KNX system in your own home, you will share some of the same challenges:

  • What can KNX help me automate in my or my client’s house, what efforts are required and what would it roughly cost?
  • How do I go about learning the basics and then advanced techniques of KNX and ETS5?
  • How do I plan a project from start to finish (ideally without re-inventing the wheel)?
  • How can I show potential customers that I am qualified in setting up such systems?
  • How can I increase my revenues as an electrician using KNX?

The Ultimate Guide to KNX Programming is your answer to all of these questions. It is a simple and easy to understand introduction to the world of KNX technology. It also helps you get going with your very first KNX project.

This ebook is the only course proven in 35+ countries with thousands of paying customers, and beautifully honed, tested, and perfected since 2004. You will not find this material anywhere else.

About this book

Everything about our ebook in an overview

Chapter overview

  • KNX Basics
  • ETS 5
  • The Ultimate Project Guide
  • Solutions
  • Heating control


  • 5 chapters in PDF format
  • KNX planning tool
  • KNX Project Guide
  • Free updates3

Book information

  • ISBN: 978-1-5272-2239-7
  • Pages: 373
  • Published: September 2019 (2nd edition)
  • Target group: Electricians, Electrical contractors, Builders1, Heating installers1

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most frequently asked questions

Since we are 100% convinced of our ebook, we grant you a 30-day money back guarantee.

If you have already worked with ETS 4, you can easily continue working on your old projects with ETS 5. You can import your existing projects into ETS 5 and manage or edit them there without any problems.

The topic of group addresses is particularly important. If you want to successfully plan and implement a KNX project, the structured creation of group addresses is the most important basic requirement. In addition to a professional structure, we will explain everything you need to know about listening and transmitting group addresses and feedback addresses. Furthermore, we show you why the KNX system simply does not want to listen to some group addresses and much more. This course is designed for beginners and we explain it in a way that you will be able to implement your first KNX project.

Absolutely! The course is designed to teach absolute beginners about KNX and ETS. Chapter 1 covers the necessary knowledge on KNX side. In addition, we offer a step-by-step guide (Chapter 3) which covers everything from project planning to commissioning and handover. According to one of our reviewers, our course is a "required reading for every (!) prospective builder who wants to help design the electrical planning and later on maintain the KNX installation. The course is also a successful reference book for electricians who do not deal with KNX projects every day, who want to change to ETS5 or who want to familiarise themselves with the subject again."

We offer the most common payment methods: Paypal, credit card, instant bank transfer and Giropay. You will receive the course documents immediately after receipt of payment, i.e. immediately if you use the relevant payment methods such as Paypal or credit card.

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The course is designed as a step-by-step guide for beginners. If you still have questions during the course or later, you can contact us via our support form.

In our course we show you how to structure a KNX project so that the overall number of errors is reduced. In case of errors, we will provide you with a procedure including a checklist, with which you can narrow down errors in a structured way.

Every customer receives updates of the current version of the ebook free of charge2. We will inform about them by email and write to all customers with their email address used during the purchase. However, if you have unsubscribed from our information service, we will not send you any more emails. In this case you get still read about it on our website.
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A KNX certification allows you to use the KNX partner logo in your own marketing activities (e.g. stationery, car).

Furthermore, you will be listed as an official partner of KNX Association ( These two advantages are reason for many of our customers to get certified. The content of the ebook is adapted to the KNX basic course and the corresponding certification. Our course is therefore an ideal preparation for a certification seminar.

However, certification is not a prerequisite to be allowed to implement KNX projects. Therefore we recommend everyone to gain practical experience in projects as soon as possible.


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Preview KNX Tutorial
Preview KNX Tutorial
Preview KNX Tutorial
Preview KNX Tutorial


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What our customers say about us

Guido, alias PhilW

After four years of KNX in the house, I have now taken the course with the Christmas special. If I had read/bought the course before my renovation, I would have saved myself many a headache, bad planning and incomprehensible nodding of my wife's head. And of course I would have built up my ETS project more sensibly. Sometimes I really think about doing everything from scratch! When I retire...

In the case of a new building and its preliminary planning, the basic/preliminary knowledge (if not more) that the course teaches you is worth a lot of money and YouTube can never explain the complexity to you. Especially if you also want to integrate the IoT and configure everything yourself.

Frank, alias evolution

This ebook offers beginners as well as experienced ETS users a good overview of the functioning of KNX and the correct use of the software. Due to the good structure, a beginner is introduced step by step deeper and deeper into the subject matter, the necessary working steps are described in an understandable way and illustrated clearly. I can well imagine that even inexperienced users can quickly find the content they need with the help of the clearly arranged table of contents and get a pragmatic solution that is both comprehensible and easy to understand for everyday tasks. The attached planning documents complete the view on the requirements for a KNX installation for the client and give an electrician, who realizes KNX projects only occasionally, a suggestion for his documentation.

This tutorial is, in my opinion, a must-read for every contractor who wants to participate in the electrical planning and maintain KNX installations at a later date. The quick course is also a successful reference work for electricians who do not deal with KNX projects every day, want to switch to ETS5 or want to familiarize themselves with the subject matter again. A big praise to you, Manfred and the publisher, that with this standard work you contribute greatly to let the KNX autodidact die out soon.


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We sell our e-books in nearly 30 countries.
We sell our e-books in nearly 30 countries.


KNX programming has never been easier to learn.